Phil Pracht – Best Man

Phil and I have been best friends since the first grade, around 25 years to go. As hard as that is to imagine. We walked to school almost every day from elementary through high school. Though he already has six brothers and sisters, I like to think I was honorarily adopted into the Pracht family as one of their own, since I was at their house every day. We continue our strong bond through movies, games, beers, and music.

Jesse Henneman – Groomsman

Jesse is my one and only brother. To this day, and probably always, I will be told by random people “Are you Jesse’s brother? You look just like him.” We have always had a strong mutual bond through the Iowa Hawkeyes, working out together, and family gatherings just for fun. Jesse instilled into me hard-work, integrity, and always doing the right thing. I wouldn’t be who I am today without my brother.

Chris Jensen – Groomsman

Chris and I met in high school Spanish class what seems like just yesterday, but was certainly not. When I came home after college Chris and I became close friends through going to the bars way too often and playing Fifa way too much. We continue our strong friendship through Hawkeye football, the other football (or soccer to most of you), and yet more trips to the bars, though with far less frequency.

Steven Amos – Groomsman

Steven and I became fast friends freshman year of college when we moved in together first semester. We have the same sense of humor, which can be scary at times. Though after college we went our seperate ways, we have always kept in touch and tried to get together every year. Mostly because he lives in Orlando and hooks us up with Disney passes, but also because we probably kind of miss each other.

Adam Wallace – Groomsman

Adam is my soon-to-be brother in law, Emily’s only brother. I have enjoyed getting to know Adam over the last four years through family dinners, euchre games, and trips to Colorado and Ottumwa. Through Adam, and Emily’s dad Ted, I have gotten to see where Emily gets her sarcastic sense of humor. I look forward to many more family gatherings and getting to know Adam more.