Mary Westlund

Maid of Honor

Mary and I met 11 years ago at Pleasant Valley Junior High. Years of sleepovers, rom-coms, sushi dates, and a mutual love of Gossip Girl have created a lifelong friendship. Mary is an amazingly loyal, intelligent, kind-hearted friend. Whatever the future may hold she’ll always be considered a member of the family.

Hannah Thomsen

Bridesmaid & Officiant

I met Hannah in 5th grade at Riverdale Heights Elementary School. I am honored to have one of my closest friends as a bridesmaid AND the one to marry Jake and I. Hannah is a creative, outgoing, goofy, selfless friend that I am lucky to have in my life.

Becca Henneman


Becca is married to Jake’s brother Jesse and will be my sister-in-law! I am so excited to finally have a real sister and am blessed that it will be Becca. She is always supportive of any new adventure I want to take on (she ran the entire half marathon with me!) and she is a fiercely strong mother, business owner, and friend.

Kristin Mundy


Kristin is my longest friend going back to Mrs. Bettis’s 3rd grade class. We have been through so much together, from family vacations, high school dances, to “fighting” over boys as 9 year-olds. Kristin is extremely tough with a very gentle soul, and I know our friendship can overcome any distance.

Claire Kopetsky


Claire and I met by chance when we became random roommates freshman year of college. I am so fortunate to have such a generous, fun-loving, kind-hearted friend. Our mutual love of traveling, running, sushi, and the Hawkeyes have bonded us for life!